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Area Day Trips

Area Day Trips near Crossroads Luxury RV Park
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Area Day Trips

Explore Nature at Lake Arrowhead State Park
Embark on a scenic day trip to Lake Arrowhead State Park, just a short drive from Wichita Falls. This expansive park offers a picturesque setting for outdoor enthusiasts, featuring a large reservoir with opportunities for fishing, boating, and birdwatching. Explore the well-maintained hiking trails that wind through the park, providing stunning views of the lake and surrounding landscape. Picnic areas and shaded spots along the shoreline make it an ideal destination for a relaxing day surrounded by nature.

Discover History in Henrietta
Venture to the nearby town of Henrietta for a day filled with historical charm. Visit the Clay County 1890 Jail Museum, a well-preserved historic jail showcasing artifacts and exhibits that offer insights into the area's past. Stroll through the town's historic district, lined with beautifully restored buildings and charming boutiques. The Red River Valley Museum is another gem, providing a comprehensive look at the region's history through engaging exhibits and displays. Henrietta's small-town charm and rich history make it a delightful day trip destination for those with an interest in Texas heritage.

Quanah Parker Trail
Embark on a cultural and historical journey by following the Quanah Parker Trail. This trail commemorates the life and legacy of Quanah Parker, the last Comanche chief, and includes various historical markers and points of interest throughout the region. Visit sites like Chief Quanah Parker's Star House in Cache, Oklahoma, or the Quanah Parker Nature and Visitor Center in Cache, providing a deeper understanding of the Native American history and the Comanche way of life. The trail offers a unique perspective on the cultural heritage of the area, making it an enriching and educational day trip.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
For a day trip that combines wildlife viewing and outdoor recreation, head to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. Just a short drive from Wichita Falls, this refuge offers a sanctuary for bison, elk, prairie dogs, and various bird species. Explore the scenic trails, such as the Elk Mountain Trail or the Bison Trail, for opportunities to witness the diverse flora and fauna. Additionally, the refuge provides stunning vistas and unique geological formations, including granite mountains and rugged terrain. A day at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge promises a refreshing escape into nature and a chance to observe wildlife in their natural habitat.